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The phone case that protects you against spying

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Cell phone monitoring?

Apps that record conversations unsolicited and reveal where you are and have been, that access your smartphones cameras unnoticed and read out the data from your cell phones memory. Spyware that can be easily installed on your mobile phone. Whether at home or in the office. The smartphone is the better bug.

Protect your privacy and business data with the bug-proof “Jammerbag” shielding bag!

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Spying smartphone

Jammerbag protects against

protection against tracking

Localization / tracking

Even if location services are deactivated, it is possible to locate a cell phone via GSM or GPS to within just a few meters.

protection against camera surveillance

Camera surveillance

Special malware programs make it possible to remotely control the camera of a smartphone, for example, unnoticed.

protection against eavesdropping

Phone tapping / eavesdropping

Eavesdropping on conversations via smartphones is becoming more and more popular. And thanks to special software its getting easier all the time.

protection against skimming


Personal data on our bank cards, ID cards or health cards can often be read out contactlessly.

protection against kelyess go theft

Keyless theft

The signal from a remote key can be copied and extended so that a car can be opened and stolen unnoticed.

protection against electrosmog


The electromagnetic radiation produced by our smart helpers is suspected to have a negative effect on our health.

Jammerbag - radio frequency shielding bag in action


Jammerbag was specially developed to protect against espionage. A special TÜV-tested combination of different shielding layers ensures reliable electromagnetic shielding. A high-quality and hard-wearing nylon fabric makes the bag resistant to the stresses of everyday life.

For your smartphone

Store your smartphone in the Jammerbag to block all connections to it. Protect yourself from localization, phone tapping, video recording and electrosmog. Prevent remote access to your smartphone or smartwatch.

Jammerbag - radio frequency shielding bag for smartphones
Jammerbag - radio frequency shielding bag for car keys to protect against keyless go theft

For remote and car keys

Radio signals from keyless car keys (keyless go, keyless entry, keyless access) are reliably shielded inside the Jammerbag. Effective protection against the theft of vehicles with keyless entry systems (keyless go protection).

For cards and IDs

Inside the Jammerbag, your bank and credit cards, ID card, drivers license and health card are protected against having your data read via radio. Reliable protection against skimming.

Jammerbag - radio frequency shielding bag for radio cards to protect against data theft
Jammerbag - radio frequency shielding bag - side view

Protect important and confidential information from unauthorized access!

Our smartphone accompanies us everywhere. Unfortunately we are also very easy to locate. Even if the phone is in standby mode or switched off, this often does not protect us from being located or eavesdropped on via the smartphone.
Reading RFID chips is also a security risk that should not be underestimated! Whether the new ID card, the health insurance card, our ec card or credit card with NFC function - they all now have RFID chips on which sensitive personal information from us is stored. Criminals have long “specialized” in contactless data theft. With your personal details, they could easily create user and e-mail accounts in your name and, for example, act fraudulently while posing as you.

Jammerbag protects against:

  • Phone tracking, radio cell queries, IMEI location
  • Phone tapping, IMSI catchers
  • Silent SMS
  • Remote access to your smartphones cameras
  • Wireless retrieval of your data via radio (RFID protection, NFC protection)
  • Cell phone radiation / electrosmog


Blue, black or red - you have the choice. Soon, further models will be available.


The name Jammerbag is a combination of the English terms “jammer” and “bag” and is a pseudonym for shielding bags worldwide.
The Jammerbag is an RF shielding bag to protect against spying for smartphones, keyless car keys and cards and IDs with NFC/RIFD function.

Jammerbag protects you from localization, eavesdropping on conversations, silent SMS, mobile phone tracking, IMEI location, IMSI catchers, remote access to your smartphone cameras and microphones, theft of your data or property, and electrosmog from your cell phone.
Jammerbag works according to the Faraday cage principle. A special combination of different shielding layers ensues that electromagnetic radiation is shielded, which in turn blocks radio signals.

Once your smartphone, remote keys, cards or IDs with NFC/RFID function are stashed in the closed bag, they can neither send nor receive signals.
Unfortunately not. A cell phone or smartphone can usually be tracked via mobile radio, WLAN or Bluetooth, even if it is in standby mode or the SIM card has been removed. In addition, there are numerous malware programs that make the user believe that the smartphone is switched off or in-flight mode, although in reality it is still connected to the data network. In addition, every cell phone has a unique IMEI number that uniquely identifies each smartphone.

Play it safe and shield your mobile phone!
The TÜV-tested combination of Jammerbag's different shielding layers ensures a reliable shielding of electromagnetic radiation. This reliably blocks mobile radio, UMTS, WLAN, GPRS, RFID, NFR or Bluetooth, for example.
No. All mobile phones - old or new - can be monitored.
Jammerbag is suitable for any cell phone that does not exceed a size of 80 mm x 160 mm (W x H).
As soon as your smartphone is inside the closed Jammerbag, it has no reception and can neither send nor receive signals. Functions such as the alarm clock remain active. Even if the smartphone has no reception inside the bag, it still tries to communicate with the outside world. To conserve the smartphone's battery, it is advisable to activate flight mode before stowing the phone in the Jammerbag.
Yes. If the smartphone is stowed in the closed Jammerbag, you are protected from your cell phone's electromagnetic radiation. You can also protect objects such as medicines or other electrosensitive products from electromagnetic radiation by stowing them in the closed Jammerbag.
Do not insert pointed or sharp-edged objects into the bag. This could damage the shielding material. The magnetic catch must close without any problems. The inner lining of the Jammerbag may discolor over time due to its natural properties, but this does not affect its function.
Handmade in Germany! Jammerbag is made by hand in Germany. The outer material consists of a high-quality and hard-wearing nylon fabric, which makes the bag resistant to the stresses of everyday life. A special combination of different shielding layers ensures the desired function.
Jammerbag - radio frequency shielding bag - black, blue, and red - side view

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